The ANUVC enters teams into the following Volleyball ACT Competitions:

Capital Volleyball League

Capital Volleyball League or CVL is Canberra’s most competitive volleyball league. There is a premier league and a reserve league these teams are typically for more experienced players. Matches are played on Sundays in a best of 5 format against other Canberran clubs.

We enter teams in all CVL formats:

  • Men’s and Women’s
  • Premier League and Reserve

Open League

Open league is a great place for all volleyball skill levels. There are two shorter seasons per year, one starting in March and the other starting in July.

  • Division A is quite competitive and is good for intermediate to experienced players.
  • Division B is excellent for intermediate level players, who may have played a bit before.
  • Division C is a great place to play volleyball in a team for the first time after some beginner training.

Matches are played on Monday nights for men and Tuesday nights for women. The format is best of 5, hour long games which usually makes it a best of 3 game.

We aim to create and enter Open League teams at their appropriate skill level which may include:

  • Men’s and Women’s
  • Divisions A, B and C

The next indoor competition to start will be the 2021 Autumn Open League which will be starting in March 2021.

Read more information about Volleyball ACT’s competitions.